Finch Moments

There is a lot of talk about moments these days; a point where everything is timed just right. At Finch, we have our Moments too, when our clients see the impact of our programmatic technology and our people have on their performance.

Imagine looking at your Google Shopping campaign performance after the first 23 days and see this:  



This is a common occurrence with Finch clients. You listened to what Finch could do for your Google AdWords program and took the leap. Finch takes a very different approach to AdWords that is enabled by our programmatic technology, the results is that our clients see huge performance gains in just a few weeks and it continues as time goes on.


How do we do it?  We let our technology do the work; grab granular data and consistently act on it.  It is what happens when you automate far more than bidding and start impacting the difficult, but massively important areas of performance such as Quality Scores, expand your Keywords, leverage Bid Modifiers for mobile, and start using engagement history on your site from those typing in the Google search box this very moment…building a real-time click profile for each click before you buy it.  That is how you can accurately predict the value of the next click before you buy it, measured by your own business metrics.

Speaking of...how did the Search campaign do?


Let’s look at the Client A and Client B again from the first example:

The Search campaign also did extremely well for both case studies. (Up 1072%!!!!)

The Pay-per-Click landscape is changing fast because of Programmatic Advertising, contact us and let one of our Google Certified AdWords specialists help you get your Finch Moment!

We will post our Moments on our LinkedIn page and Facebook page weekly. Connect with us to watch our clients grow!

These numbers and case studies vary based on the needs, spend and goals of your company. For an actual view of what Finch can really do for your campaigns, just take our FREE AdWords Analysis!