Automate. Simplify. Perform.

See how Finch automates and simplifies paid media
to help your business achieve optimal performance.

Finch is a marketing technology platform for
integrated paid search, shopping, Amazon & display

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Finch platform automates paid media—delivering less complexity, lower costs, and optimal performance for your business.

One month before
using Finch
a client made 97 manual changes
One month after
using Finch
Our platform created
267,893 keyword changes - ALL AUTOMATICALLY
With Finch, conversions
increased by 440%
while cost of business
reduced by 8.5%

Watch this video to see how Finch gives marketers
a competitive advantage.

Platform + Expertise + Insights = Optimal Performance




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Even if you wanted to spend all your time manually updating ads, bids, and keywords, you can't keep pace with technology. Our platform predicts the profit of your next click in real-time and automatically adjusts to optimize performance.
Finch is more than technology and automation. Our paid media experts share industry insights and best practices, helping fine-tune your campaign strategy based on the metrics that matter most to your business.
To better understand your market and meet your goals, you need deeper insights. That’s why Finch provides unique data you can't get anywhere else. The result: customized reporting, accurate forecasting, and optimized conversions.

Finch Automates & Simplifies, So Your Business Performs


Our platform automates manual tasks with AI and machine learning, giving you the power to leverage data with granularity and predictability, drive growth through keyword expansion, and increase your Quality Score.


With all of your manual tasks automated, you can focus on strategy: better aligning your key metrics with desired business outcomes, and creating a direct link between ad spend and profitable growth.


The Finch platform sets the bid of each individual click to optimize conversions and profit. This allows your business to maintain its cost goal, increase market share, and replace revenue optimization with profit optimization.

A Powerful Platform Backed by Industry Experts

Paid Search, Shopping, Display,
& Amazon
Client Success Management,
Performance, & Support
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Our AI-driven platform analyzes data to best understand how to optimize paid media. We programmatically automate all the tedious tasks while focusing on your goals for growth. Our approach is different—and the results are better.
While our industry experts provide assistance with the fundamentals of your campaign, your Finch Client Success Manager provides in-depth analysis, strategy, and insights into your industry—all to help you achieve your business goals.

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