Our Story


Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas met in an office on Main Street in Park City, UT in 1999 in a random meeting arranged by a mutual contact. After what was to be a short introduction turned into a three-hour pow-wow, a business partnership and friendship was born.

After working together for almost 10 years to build one of the first SaaS eCommerce platforms that captured over $1B in online sales for their clients, Eric and Bjorn grew increasingly frustrated. Not over their work, but that they weren't able to find a partner that could deliver predictable, consistent, and profitable paid search advertising solutions for their clients.

Out of this frustration came Finch.

In 2009, they left their business behind and began Finch. They had a few goals:
  • #1) No investors
  • #2) No employees
  • #3) No mandatory hair cuts
  • #4) Fix the lagging PPC industry by pioneering a new way to manage the channel

To succeed at this, they built a killer programmatic technology that could gather and optimize data with performance as its driving force that would create maximum profit for their clients. As the company grew and expanded, they became recognized by Google as a Premier Partner and a Bing Partner, listed #145 on Inc 500’s “Fastest Growing Companies in America” and recently won Google “Best Shopping Performance Award.” Looking back, they only failed at one of their original goals: Finch has grown to house a global team of employees.



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