It's all about the granularity!

There is so much actionable data that is only available at the Ad Group level. When you make generalizations within your Adwords account you run the risk of nickel and dime-ing your business to death! By giving every keyword it's own ad group, the Finch platform is able to be very specific about the performance of each keyword. This is a VERY intimidating structure to attempt to manage, unless you have programmatic technology to help automate the structure (we do!).
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Are you still using rules based bidding?

Each click you bid on has a unique set of attributes: device, previous visitor, conversion history of the keyword, etc... If you know how those attributes relate to conversion, you can predict the most valuable clicks, and bid accordingly in real-time. It’s not rules based bidding. It’s real-time predictive bidding. And it puts you in the drivers seat. 


It’s not a people problem...

Every second you spend doing repetitive tasks in the interface is precious time you can’t spend on strategy. The Finch platform uses smart algorithms and machine learning to handle the day to day task maze of bidding, keyword expansion, campaign structure, and so on, to allow our analysts to focus on more important things such as strategy and how to grow your business.


Measure (and make more of) what matters: Profit.

Clicks, conversions, and even revenue are solid metrics, but what you REALLY want is to make more profit. By using profit data at the keyword, or individual product level you are able to buy the most profitable clicks at the right cost. Focusing on profit fundamentally changes how an Adwords account is run, and how you think about Adwords as an effective channel for real growth. 
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