Integration Docs

Integration with Finch

Finch currently offers the following integration programs. Please speak to your Client Success Manager about setting up a kick off call with your development team to talk them through the requirements and discuss implementation that's best for your business. If you have questions, then let us know.


As a general rule, SKUs should be unique and immutable. SKUs should be the same across advertising channels. However, in Finch's experience sometimes SKUs don't match between advertising platforms - for example, SKUs are occasionally different in Google Shopping and Amazon. Additionally, we've seen that migrating ecommerce platforms can change SKUs which strongly hurts campaign performance. For this reason, Finch offers the ability to Map two SKUs to share performance data.


The typical use case for this type of feed is that an eCommerce customer could have new products arrive and Finch would insert new product related keywords for optimization. However, the feed is not specific to products. It uses general keywords so your feed could include authors, category titles, brands, etc... The goal of the keyword feed is not to replace your existing, high-impression keywords. Rather to expose your inventory and build out long-tail keywords in your account.

Description: Total Profit allows Finch to optimize your paid search in order to maximize the total profit available. Rather than focusing on a cost per conversion or cost per sales, Total Profit looks at costs and revenues to find the sweet spot for profitability.