Audit Phase (1-2 days)


Identify critical areas for growth in your account and outline the specific actions we will take and what the impact will be. After an online review, you will receive a copy of the audit to review with your team during your decision process to become a Finch client.

The audit of your account includes:

Historic performance and current trending
Conversion tracking verification
AdWords conversion tracking
Google Analytics tracking
Conversion window (time from click to conversion)
Measured metrics vs. account objectives
Market expansion - Keyword Coverage
Product catalog integration
Competitive gap analysis
User generated search terms
Google magic - influencing Quality Score at scale
Account architecture review
Campaign structure
Ad Groups structure
Mobile performance
Visitor profiling and remarketing for search/shopping
Ad extensions
Bid analysis
Ad spend allocation vs Ad revenue performance
SKU and keyword level keyword spend/revenue analysis
Bid adjustments for Mobile and Remarketing
Specific Keyword Recommendations
Best practices, cost and time analysis

Pre-Launch phase


Review implementation requirements with an AdWords specialist and transition your account to Finch’s new granular campaign structure.

Activities for this phase include:

Execution of agreement
Kickoff call with Client Success Manager
Search: Campaign buildout and structuring (risk minimization objective)
Structure account to gain actionable data:
  • Campaign structure
  • Ad Group structure
Keyword inclusion (current keywords + converting terms from Search and Shopping history)
Negative keyword review and expansion
Ad copy
Carry historic performance data into new campaign
Feed quality review and adjustments
Campaign structure
  • Product Group structure
  • Ad Group structure
  • Product Listing Ad optimization plan
Re-marketing for Search and Shopping
Tag profile review and adjustments
Review of Ad Extensions and best practices
Call extensions
Review Extensions
Location Extensions
App Extensions
Google Analytics/AdWords tracking adjustments (if any)

Launch phase (First 7 days)


Minimize risk when transitioning to new campaigns and new management; the launch process focuses on conserving volume while keeping costs under control.

Finch will rebuild granular campaigns based on previous keywords, ad copy, landing pages and using your historic performance metrics to set cost per click limits. Your previous campaigns will be paused (as a type of insurance policy) and the Finch campaigns will be activated.

The following activities will be constantly monitored by Finch during this phase:

Performance analysis and priorities:
Overall spend level (click volume)
Achieve comparable click volume
Achieve comparable spend volume
Achieve comparable revenue/conversion volume
Cost/Revenue ratio analysis
Account and keyword level
Conversion window analysis
Keyword and SKU/PLA level performance analysis (before/after)
Analyze by match type
Analyze by Device (mobile vs desktop)
Analyze by keyword origin
Data collection levels in new granular campaign
Percentage of keywords with performance data determines time to performance
Initial application of data and launch of Finchbot
Manual adjustments to speed up learning curve for Finchbot
Initial performance status review(s)

Ramp phase (weeks 2 - 8)


Adding new features and components to the campaign to drive growth and manage costs. Once the performance of the new campaigns has stabilized, activities to ramp up the growth are initiated.

Activities includes:

Expanding your market:
Keyword expansion from product catalog
Keyword expansion from Dynamic Search Term Insertion (DSTI) for Search and Shopping
Expanding Google Shopping feed
Mobile segment analysis and execution
For eCommerce: capture Profit/margin from accounting/ERP
For Lead Gen: capture changes in lead status from CRM system
Mobile tracking analysis (iOS vs Android)
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) analysis and execution
Keyword level bidding by match type for Search
PLA level bidding for Shopping campaign
Bid modifiers for Device and Re-marketing (for Search and Shopping)
Placement specific bidding for Display campaigns

Growth phase - ongoing (∞)


Take advantage of the foundation that has been laid to build long term growth. Your account manager will work with you to prioritize activities unique to your situation and craft a strategy to drive continuous growth and remain highly competitive.

Activities includes (but are not limited to):

Interactive Cycles:
Google changes and new features
Finch changes and new features
CTR Activities:
Ad extension best practices and testing
Exact match focus
Ad copy A/B testing
CR Activities:
Optimize for results
Deep linking
CR optimization analysis
Reach activities (Keywords and PLAs):
Dynamic Search Term Insertion (Search and Shopping)
XML feed from product catalog
Manual keyword research
Negative keyword insertions
Competitive gap keyword sourcing
Bid adjustments (dimension, modifiers, elasticity)
Best practice reviews
Performance Dashboard